Special Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series is an ultra-lightweight take on the iconic 4WD

Styrofoam isn’t just for keeping things safe while shipping, with a group of people building a full-size replica of the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series out of the material.

The vehicle is finished in a beige colour similar to the popular Sandy Taupe finish, with black and silver accents.

A video showing a time-lapse of the build was posted on YouTube to the official Land Cruiser Channel.

The video begins as the builders measure the styrofoam to size. The bottom of the vehicle is built first, then the top shell including the front windscreen, wheel arches and front and rear bumpers.

Next, the team carve out the wheels which is a multi-step process. The tyres are cut first before the rims and wheels are crafted.

There is quite a lot of detail put into the model including wheel tread, rim design and Toyota LandCruiser badging around the exterior.

The constructed vehicle is then painted using a combination of hand rollers and spray paint using beige, black, and silver tones.

The vehicle doesn’t have a motor or any electronics besides lights, but the finished product is rolled down a small hill showing its ‘tyres’ can turn and the vehicle when pushed is able to move.

It’s unclear the next destination for this LandCruiser but it’s definitely a sight to see.

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