Aragonès does not remove the doubt: governance is in the hands of the ERC

The candidate of Esquerra Republicana (ERC), Pere Aragoneshas warned that he could endanger the left-wing tripartite by warning that his party has no problem with this go to the opposition. This was announced by the pro-independence politician after the results he described as very bad.

In statements from Esquerra's electoral headquarters, located in the Estació del Nord pavilion in Barcelona, ​​​​he literally said that it is the turn of PSC and Junts will “lead a new phase in Catalonia”.

Aragonès has attributed the poor figures to the “Polarization” that exist at the national level and which, he hypothesizes, also occur in Catalonia. According to him, this has led to Republican support following the trend of the municipal elections.

The worst results since 2011

The current event has been the most electorally tough since then Oriol Junqueras And Marta Rovira will take over the reins in 2011. However, their seats remain crucial for the formation of a left-wing government, supplemented by the PSC and the House of Commons, although internally this is no consolation for a formation that has spent more than 80 years without a presidency. of the Generalitat.

With his words, Aragonès does not take for granted the possibility of the ERC completing the equation to elevate Illa to the presidency. The argument he has put forward is that the elections were won by “the opposition”, and therefore he believes that it is the Junts who should manage “the new phase”. However, this clearly seems little less than a pipe dream.

It seems that Junqueras' party will not make it easy to repeat the progressive tripartite that already led the community between 2003 and 2010.all the pressure is on the PSC and Puigdemont. But this option, as explained, is very complicated, so the coming hours and certainly days will probably seem like a telephone conversation on the part of the Socialists and the House of Commons with the aim of realizing the long-awaited pact.

Illa, the big winner

Whatever happens, if the evening has a clear winner, it's Salvador Illa. The former Minister of Health started by pointing this out 'Catalonia opens a new phase'begins “After 45 years of history, for the first time the PSC wins the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia in votes and seats,” he emphasized.

“Catalonia opens a new phase. The Catalans have decided to open a new phase. Many factors have influenced this. One of these factors is the policy followed by the Spanish government and the President SanchezIlla went on to state that “it will be a platform for all Catalans, whatever they think, whatever they say and wherever they come from.” “I will express my willingness to run for the presidency of the Generalitat”it's finished.

Puigdemont Presses

On the other hand, Puigdemont has called on the ERC to rebuild bridges, as they are in a position to build “a solid government of pure Catalan obedience”, despite the victory of the head of the PSC list in the upcoming elections Sunday.

“We are in a position to build a solid government that is clearly Catalan obedient, and we will devote the coming hours to that with the aim of having a coherent government, with good leadership in parliament and avoid election repeatswhich would be bad news for the country,” he said in a brief appearance with the party leadership and candidacy in Argelès-sur-Mer (France).

According to Puigdemont, the distance between PSC and Junts is greater in parliamentary terms “It is no different from what exists between PP and PSOE” in CongressFor this reason, he said that if ERC is willing to rebuild bridges and reflect on the effects of division and the need for a shared strategy, so are they.

He points out that there are still many days to delve into the election results, but he believes that the configuration of a tripartite “with the very reasonable majority that it has, still pending all the research and the external vote, It is still a bad option for the country“.

“It is a bad option for the government, much less led by a party that today, with this inexplicable case of Rodalies that has affected electoral rights, has already shown its inability to govern properly,” he claimed.

Despite clearly congratulating the Socialists on their victory in seats and votes, he lamented that Junts+'s growth has not been enough to win and “compensate for the decline in votes and seats suffered by the other two pro-independence forces” . to CKD and CUP.

'There has been a mobilization of the unionist electorate as a result of the election Spanishization strategywhich we have complained is being promoted by the PSC, while a significant portion of the pro-independence electorate remains unmobilized and abstaining,” he explained.

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