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Olena Santangeli, a native of Mallorca, originally from Helsinki, is a sleep coach for children and adults. Olena is a neuroscientist with 15 years of experience in sleep medicine and studied at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital.

I suffered from it severe insomnia As a new mother herself, Olena understood the benefits of working with a sleep coach. When she moved to Mallorca, she discovered her true calling; helping others achieve a good night's sleep.

Sleep – the basis of well-being

Olena noticed a recurring theme among her clients: poor sleep was often linked to a range of other problems, including anxiety and reduced quality of life. “Sleep is the basis of well-being.” she explains, “Without this, everything else starts to unravel.”

To help others, Olena developed a comprehensive approach that combined her scientific background and personal experience.

Olena's best tips for better sleep in adults

Morning sunlight: Expose yourself to natural sunlight for up to 2 – 10 minutes every morning to regulate the hormones involved in alertness and sleep.

Early exercise: Aim for at least 15 minutes of exercise daily, preferably earlier in the day to improve sleep quality.

Routines: Have consistent morning and evening routines to alert your body when it's time to wake up and wind down.

Sleep Environment: Create a conductive sleep environment by keeping your bedroom cool, dark and quiet.

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