The PSC is already working on a left-wing pact, with a minority government as the most likely option

The PSC advocates an agreement with the progressive forces to form a government in Catalonia, something which in the current scenario would imply an agreement with Comunes en EsquerraHowever, the latter party seems reluctant and has already announced that the opposition.

The mayor of Santa Coloma, Núria Parlón, spokesperson for the PSC, has assured that the party “is able lead the future of Catalonia and we will start a dialogue with all forces except those who promote hatred,” referring to Vox and Alianza.

In this sense, he pointed out that they do not exclude Carles Puigdemont (Junts) from these talks, but that it is wise for the PSC to conclude an agreement with the progressive forces or, as he explained as the most likely option, on the basis of ” an agreement with these armed forces rule in the minority».

At the same time, he has made it clear that the PSC will not support a 15% investiture Carlos Puigdemont, “even if it threatens us with blocking governability in Spain”, as the former Catalan president has suggested, by proposing to the ERC and the CUP to form an executive of “Catalan obedience”. The Catalan Socialists, with 42 deputies in parliament – ​​nine more than in the previous term – consider themselves strong and legitimate to demand a change in the Generalitat that is not determined by the needs in Pedro Sánchez's Congress .

The positioning of the Catalan socialists It comes after the great result of Sunday's elections, in which Salvador Illa won a resounding victory, both in terms of votes and seats. The party has already appointed a negotiating committee to facilitate the formation of a new government, a committee led by Lluïsa Moret, president of the Barcelona provincial council and campaign director of the PSC for 12M.

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