Alex Rider season 4: Will there be another explosive series?

Alex Rider season three has premiered and fans are eager to know if there is going to be more to come.

Based on the work of author Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider focuses on the life of the titular teenager, played by Otto Farrant, who has been trained to become a spy without his knowledge since he was a child.

The first series made its debut on Amazon’s Prime Video back in June 2020 with the action drama renewed for a second outing five months later.

Delving into the plot of the second novel Eagle Strike, series two came out in December 2021 on IMDb TV, before being given the green light for a third series in June 2022.

There has been an extended wait for season three, which tells the tale of the novel Scorpia, but finally, Alex Rider’s latest series is ready to watch.

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Will there be an Alex Rider season 4?

Alex Rider season three made its debut on Friday, April 5, on Amazon FreeVee with all eight episodes dropping on the streamer in one go.

So fans of the spy series are going to be able to binge-watch Alex Rider’s third season over the weekend, if they wish.

However, its return is bittersweet as it was announced in February that this would be the beginning of the end.

FreeVee revealed that Alex Rider has been cancelled with no plans for a season four.

Alex Rider author and executive producer Horowitz commented: “It’s been such a great experience seeing the fan reaction to the first two seasons of Alex Ride.

“I am thrilled this upcoming season will focus on Scorpia, as the story will lead Alex and viewers to question everything they’ve learned so far.”

As of yet, an official reason for the drama ending hasn’t been given by the streamer.

But going by the description for series three, Alex Rider is going to go out with a bang.

Teen spy Alex will face his greatest enemy yet in the elusive criminal network known as Scorpia.

Under new leadership, Scorpia plans to extort the Government using their new super weapon, the Invisible Sword.

As Alex does everything he can to put a stop to the plan, he soon finds out he personally has a connection with the rival organisation.

Alex Rider is available to watch on Amazon FreeVee.


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