Antiques Roadshow cheeky artefact worth an enormous sum leaves woman almost speechless

On a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow, broadcast from the Ulster Folk Museum near Belfast, viewers were both amused and distracted by a unique artefact that resembled a human posterior.

Fiona Bruce, 57, and her team of experts, including Ronnie Archer-Morgan, examined various antiques, including a notable sea coconut, also known as coco de mer.

The artefact, dating back to the mid-19th century and originating from Sri Lanka, was presented by a woman who inherited it from her husband’s second cousin.

Archer-Morgan explained that the sea coconut had been carved into a box, a practice common in Sri Lanka.

Despite its historical significance and a valuation of £800 to £1,200, the item’s appearance, resembling thighs and a bottom, sparked humorous reactions from viewers.

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Many took to Twitter to express their amusement, with comments ranging from the artefact looking like “a beautiful looking a**e” to comparisons with Kim Kardashian.

Others described it as a “racy looking nut” and “a bum nut with suspenders.”

This light-hearted response highlighted the visual aspect of the artefact over its historical value.

Archer-Morgan noted the sea coconut’s “beautiful sculptural shape,” and its rare origin from only two of the Seychelles’ 115 islands.

He shared its history, including how these nuts once floated to the Maldives’ beaches, leading to myths about their origin.

Additionally, he mentioned its past use as a tea caddy and a souvenir, emphasizing its status as a protected species that prohibits contemporary trade.


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