BBC Breakfast fans ‘turn off’ as they fume ‘want my licence fee back’ over royal coverage

BBC Breakfast fans were left unimpressed on Tuesday as reporter Simon Jones discussed the controversial Kate Middleton photo with Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson. While some viewers were “bored” by the segment, one fan claimed to “switch off” the programme.

Taking to X to issue their complaints, one fan said: “Ridiculous reporting on none stories. It feels like we are being fed this rubbish daily now.” Another fumed: “I want my licence fee back.”

“I flipped a coin, and it came up heads, which was to hit the off button. Cya #BBCBreakfast,” a third stated as a fourth went on: “The main news is the princess walking. WTF??? What else is going on in the country #gmb #BBCBreakfast.” (sic)

“Can you stop now? It’s boring,” another pleaded. A sixth complained: “Just leave the story alone. Do we not have more important stories like toilet roll shortages or tomato shortages?”

“Clearly no news in the world today,” someone else raged.

Simon Jones stood outside Windsor and as he held up the photo of the Princess in question from the newspaper, he repeated the headline: “Great to see you again Kate.

“Now The Sun says this picture comes from a video that was filmed in the farm shop behind me here in Windsor on Saturday.

“The paper has spoken to the man who took the video, he said he was doing a bit of shopping here himself buying some steak when he looked over towards the bread aisle, and he said he saw a woman who when she turned around looked rather familiar.

“He said he then saw a man and thought, ‘Is that the royal couple?’ So after paying for his steak, he went back to his car, got his phone out, and then took the video.”

The BBC presenter went on to explain the publication decided to publish the photo “to try and end what it calls the madness of social media”.

He continued: “Now it was back in January that Catherine had an operation on her abdomen, but ever since then, there’s been a huge amount of speculation about her health, and how her recovery is going.

“And that was only fuelled by a picture published by Kensington Palace on Mother’s Day showing Catherine surrounded by her three children, but Catherine later had to apologise admitting she had edited that picture.

“Now certainly, Kensington Palace will be hoping this picture even though it wasn’t approved by them will help quash some of that wild speculation.

“But certainly looking at social media this morning, conspiracy is very much continuing.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.


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