BBC Countryfile fans fume ‘get your facts straight’ as they complain minutes into episode

BBC Countryfile viewers all said the same thing as they tuned in to watch the latest episode of the nature and farming programme. Charlotte Smith and Sean Fletcher explored Marlborough Downs in North Wessex, which contains important habitats including chalk grasslands, ancient woodland, and rare chalk streams.

Meanwhile, Datshiane Navanayagam visited Devon and Cornwall to investigate the problems facing rural communities trying to access NHS dental treatment, and in Suffolk Adam Henson celebrated 10 years of the Big Farmland Bird Count.

However, just minutes into the programme, many viewers took to social media to share their thoughts after spotting a blunder. One viewer complained: “#countryfile the Uffington White horse is OXFORDSHIRE you muppets!”

Another agreed: “People in Wiltshire will be surprised to be told by #Countryfile that the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire is located on the Marlborough Downs,” while a third added: “@BBCOne #countryfile The Uffington White Horse is in Oxfordshire not Wiltshire – get your facts straight!” (sic)

A fourth went on: “Wow #Countryfile from my neck of the woods – Marlborough Downs. And the start of the programme is from Uffington Horse in Oxfordshire.”

At the beginning of the programme, Sean began: “The Marlborough Downs fall part of the North Wessex Downs National Landscape where chalk uplands open up to broad, flat valleys below.”

Charlotte continued: “It sweeps across the north of Wiltshire covering thousands of acres.”

“This expansive area has some of the most important habitats from chalk grasslands through ancient woodlands and rare chalk streams,” Sean went on.

“And now these fall on one of the UK’s newest nature reserves, providing a haven for hundreds of species,” Charlotte said.

Later on, Sean added: “On the edge of the Malborough Downs lies Bay Meadows. This area was once under threat but now thanks to the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, it is one of the UK’s newest nature reserves.”

Fans were also left unimpressed by another segment about dentistry, with one person tweeting: “Countryfile. Dentists? Am I missing something?”

Another asked: “What have NHS Dentists got to do with The Countryside? More irrelevant guff to pad out #countryfile.”

A third fumed: “#Countryfile What has lack of dentists got to do with countryside matters?? Is this panorama or Countryfile? My favourite Sunday evening relaxation show ruined.” (sic)

However, not everyone shared the same views as one fan said: “The people complaining that #Countryfile is covering problems in the…erm countryside about dentists. Moaning they just want to see nice things about cows and sheep people live here you know. It’s not just for your holiday and to see pretty things.” (sic)

Countryfile returns on Sunday at 7pm on BBC One.


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