Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco utterly distraught after putting down ‘third dog in a year’

Kaley Cuoco has sadly announced the death of her boyfriend’s beloved dog, Blue.

Her actor partner Tom Pelphrey has also paid tribute to their adored pet, who is the third dog the pair have had to put down within the past year.

Alongside a carousel of pictures of the couple hanging out with Blue, Kaley candidly admitted: “I have cried harder over the loss of this gorgeous creature than I have in a long time.”

The Big Bang Theory star continued by highlighting Blue’s incredible bond with Tom, whom she’s been dating since 2022 after two divorces.

“The relationship he had with Blue was so special. They were quite the duo. Traveling the country as a team… job to job then driving home to California where we all settled as a family together!” she wrote.

“Honestly my first year with Blue was rough to say the least. He didn’t love me the way he loved Tom,” Kaley admitted.

“I had never experienced this before. All dogs love me! I could tell he was wondering why I was still here? lol Tom was his , and he didn’t want to share.

“Then I finally understood because I felt the same way about Tom. My love is so deep for him sometimes I didn’t want to share him with the world either.

“After some time Blue finally realized we were a family and we were all sticking together. Something changed. He was amazing. Protective of me and the rest of our pup crew, always on guard.”

She continued: “I felt so safe home alone with him and when anyone came to the door I would put Blue on the leash and have him sit right next to me.

“No one dared mess with us! Matilda came and Blue turned to mush like the rest of us. He was so gentle with her and kind.

“She was obsessed with his one squeaky toy, always stealing it from him. He would patiently wait till she dropped it then scoop it back up for himself and quietly walk away.

“He was the quiet mascot of our home but Tom was and will always be his one and only.

“They saved each other. I think this hit deep because I felt their relationship was similar to me and Norman’s. I know that love and pain and many have felt this too! We are so lucky to be loved by animals.

“They are gifts from above and we have been given the honor to cherish them on this earth. To be their voices. To teach our children how to treat them and how to love them.

“Blue, it was an honor to be your second favorite human down here on earth. I can’t wait for you to meet Norman, Sasha ,Kingy, and Dumps. Oh the adventures you will have!”

Tom took to the comments of her post and replied: “Love you so much- this is so beautiful. “To be their voice and to teach our children how to love them.” An honor and a responsibility indeed.”

Tom has also honoured Blue with his own Instagram post, writing: “I had to say goodbye to my guy.”


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