Ciara Shares “Pivotal Moment” of Ending Relationship With Ex Future

Following her split with the “Mask off” artist, Ciara started dating NFL star Russell Wilson, whom she wed in 2016.

Looking back to when she and Denver Broncos quarterback met for the first time at her house, the “1, 2 Step” singer reflected on prioritizing their privacy. “It was the best thing for the both of us, we felt,” she said, “because even though we were meeting as friends and all that stuff, my son was there and my dad was there.”

Ciara and Russell hit it off instantly. “We were like, talking and talking and talking and it was crazy—everything that we talked about, like, we were aligned on,” she said. “I knew that I’d never felt what I felt in that moment.”

In fact, Russell showcased his parenting skills, holding then-baby Future and taking quick action to keep him safe. “There’s this chair in my kitchen and the chair was about to fall over and Future is literally, my son is right there,” she revealed. “He slides over, catches the chair and I’m like [sighs], ‘Okay. Okay. Superman. We’ve got a Superman.'”


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