Death In Paradise fans ‘work out’ Ralf Little’s replacement and star’s been on BBC show

BBC’s Death In Paradise viewers have pieced together the puzzle of Ralf Little’s successor – and fans are sure a familiar face is making a comeback. After Ralf Little stepped down from his role as Neville Parker after the most recent series, fans were left heartbroken by his departure, despite his character sailing away with Florence Cassell.

In a heartfelt parting message, Ralf expressed his gratitude to the audience for their unwavering support during his tenure on the show. He shared: “It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to bring Neville Parker to all of you and to share his really quite profound journey with you. I can’t thank you all enough for the support over the last four-and-a-half years and as Neville heads off for new challenges and adventures and I head off for new challenges and adventures.”

Reflecting on his time in the series, he added: “When I look back at the time I spent on Death In Paradise, the way everyone took Neville into their hearts, it really has been one of the most magical and profound experiences of my entire life. If it wasn’t for all of you, I’d have never of got to do it. So thank you, so so much! What next for the show? Well, I couldn’t even tell you if I did know but I don’t! I don’t know!”

He enthused: “But what I do know is that the team that makes it, the producers, the writers, directors, all the crew, guest cast and of course my absolutely magnificent co-stars. They know what they’re doing and the future is in good hands! So I’ll be watching series 14 along with you guys with the same excitement you all will. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Speculation has been rife among fans about who will step into his shoes, and now the audience is abuzz with theories that they’ve cracked the code.

Jaye Griffiths is being whispered as a potential contender for the coveted role, yet some are betting on her return to the show as DI Karen Flitcroft, who previously joined the Saint Marie squad in series 12 to crack the case of criminologist David Cartwright’s murder – a crime Neville was suspected of committing.

Despite the red herring, viewers are convinced she could make a comeback as the new lead detective. One viewer hailed it as a “good choice” and expressed confidence in her abilities, especially since she had messed up the Neville investigation years ago.

Another remarked: “Jaye Griffiths was terrific as DI Karen Flitcroft. Will she be back? Here’s hoping.”

A third agreed: “Please, please, please can Jaye Griffiths be the next DI on the island!”

Jaye’s first break in TV came in 1995 where she was cast as crime-fighting expert Ros in the sci-fi show Bugs and the show ran for four seasons.

Since Bugs, Jaye has kept incredibly busy across the BBC, ITV and more recently Netflix.

Over the years she has been seen tending to patients in medical dramas including Casualty and Holby City. Fans will likely know her best as Dr Elizabeth Croft in BBC’s Doctors, and Elle Gardner in Casualty.

Death In Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer


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