Denise Welch’s brutal Fern Britton remark sparks Loose Women fury as feud exposed

After she was speculated to be locked in a secret feud with Fern Britton, Denise Welch has defended Nikita Kuzmin after his row with her in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Fern, 66, took offence to Nikita, 26, saying: “You and I get on alright when we’re playing games. How old are you now?” She told him she wasn’t happy with his comment, leaving him shocked and confused.

He responded: “I was just paying a compliment and being nice, you’re trying to make the situation uncomfortable and I’m not sure why. Whatever problem you have with me… I just find it really unnecessary.”

During Wednesday’s episode of Loose Women, Denise, 65, weighed in on the argument and said: “If there’s one type of behaviour I cannot stand, it’s passive aggressive behaviour.

“The definition of it is indirectly expressing negative opinions instead of addressing them and I can’t bare anything that’s done behind a sickly painted smile.”

The outspoken ITV star went on to voice her support for Strictly Come Dancing professional Nikita and assured viewers he wasn’t being ageist.

She continued: “I felt very sorry for Nikita because I genuinely think it wasn’t ageist, I think it was because he nominated her four times and she didn’t like it and I felt sorry for him.

“I don’t think he’s got a mean bone in his body, in there and knowing him a little bit outside.”

However, viewers didn’t agree with Denise’s comments as one said on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Passive, aggressive. Denise, the Twitter bully doesn’t like it. #loosewomen.”

A second person said: “#LooseWomen Denise has no self awareness… she is just aggressive. It’s in her speech!!,” while a third added: “Here we go, a Denise monologue. #LooseWomen.”

Denise’s comments come after she alluded to a secret feud with Fern after cryptically posting, “The mask is slip sliding away #CBBUK.” on social media.

Although she didn’t specify who she was speaking about, many of her followers rushed to the comments section to speculate she was alluding to Fern.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.


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