Eva Longoria Shares What She Learned From Victoria Beckham

“So many things they did were so innovative,” Eva gushed. “In storytelling for a documentary and the way they did the shots, the way that they would see the games, and David talks about it through the lens—it was genius.”

But along with supporting her pals, Eva is busy being a mom to son Santi, 5, who she shares with husband José Bastón. And one thing the mother-son duo likes to do together? Read.

“My aunt gave him a book of saints because we’re Catholic,” Eva told E!. “And he’s obsessed with all the saints. And he loves me to read the same book all the time. But he goes in phases.”

She added, “We usually read bilingual books, so making sure you can read in English and Spanish.”

But when it comes to which books Santi wants read, Eva admitted, “We do a content negotiation.”

And these days, Eva goes all out when it comes to bedtime stories. “I do the voices. I act it out,” she confessed. “Now, my husband does story time.”


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