GB News hosts left speechless as guest says she has ‘sympathy’ for paedophiles

During a recent instalment of Patrick Christys’ GB News programme, he was joined by host Nana Akua as well as a guest called Amy Nickell-Turner.

The guest on the news channel, who is an author and broadcaster, and the panel were debating whether paedophiles should be castrated.

Nana said: “I would say chemical castration first and if that doesn’t work, then the removal of genitals would be perfectly fine.”

Patrick wanted to hear Amy’s viewers, saying: “Amy, you think this is too extreme?”

Amy replied: “Well, yeah. I think it is quite extreme. Do you have any sympathy for people realising that they might be attracted to children? Because I always have sympathy…”

Amy’s sentence was interrupted by gasps from Patrick and the others who were clearly shocked by her comment.

Trying to defend her point on the live programme, Amy added: “It’s something you can’t change about yourself.”

Patrick disagreed, but Amy continued: “People feel that they cannot go to their GP and admit this.”

One irked guest who was sitting next to Nana said in response: “No, Amy. You are winding us up, you’re winding us up!”

Patrick chimed in: “Are you seriously defending a paedophile?” To which Amy responded: “I am not defending a paedophile, I am saying if you instantly demonise someone… They are not going to approach for help.”

Clenching his teeth and looking awkwardly at the cameras, Patrick shared: “I can’t believe you just said that!” She then admitted it was a “controversial view”.

Viewers weighed in on the debate on social media, with some claiming the clip of the debate had been taken down. GB News has been contacted for comment on the matter by

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, Alexandra shared: “@PatrickChristys face is exactly how we all feel watching that trainwreck of a woman.”

A second added: “Absolutely vile why does GB News allow her on?”

Offering a different view, Jank said: “My brother was murdered and molested by a paedophile and I have sympathy for people who are attracted to children. Nobody chooses it, but if you act on it, the sympathy vanishes. I would also fully support the idea of chemical castration, both voluntarily and as punishment.”

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