Gogglebox’s Giles and Mary divide Channel 4 viewers as couple ‘show their true colours’

The Gogglebox cast caught up with the latest updates from the by-elections during tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 show, with the stars reacting to the news that the Tories had suffered defeats, while Labour won more seats in comparison.

While tuning into the news from their sofa, friends Jenny Newby and Lee Riley weren’t surprised by the Conservative Party losing two safe seats to Labour last week as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has faced mounting criticism recently.

However, popular couple Giles Wood and Mary Killen, who affectionately call one another “Nutty”, shared a different point of view. Giles admitted that in 1997, he pretended to have voted for Labour when former Prime Minister Tony Blair won the general election at the time.

He turned to his wife and said: “You know what this is reminding me of Nutty? Tony Blair. “1997,” Mary recalled, before Gyles exclaimed: “Oh God, do you remember that? Labour victory, with all those Labour people crowing about their victory.”

“But this is going to be even worse,” Mary sighed in response. Gyles then admitted: “And we pretended that we voted Labour…”

Mary was quick to hit back that only Gyles had kept up the pretence, and not her, as she insisted: “You pretended!”

“We thought we were going to be lynched Mary,” Gyles replied.

It wasn’t long before viewers took to X (formerly Twitter) to weigh in on the couple’s political views.

One fumed: “Tory w*****s showing their true colours on #Gogglebox.”

Another former fan of the couple added: “Sorry Giles and Mary, you were my faves at one time but no more. You are rich therefore you’re happy with Torys unfairness. As long as the rich are ok you are happy. And a commoner had to tell you what to do with tahini #gogglebox.”

A third person remarked: “I knew it deep down but Giles and Mary revealing they’re hardcore tories really hurts. #gogglebox.”

A fourth quipped: “#GOGGLEBOX OH. The posh couple in the thatched cottage are f***ing Tories. Shock.”

“Oh Giles, you’ve crashed and burned in my estimation #gogglebox,” a fifth viewer shared.

However, others defended the Gogglebox stars, with one tweeting: “Poor Giles and Mary, just saying something moderately funny about supporting the tories, and many pile in like it was a crime…live and let live…its just gogglebox…”

Another added: “Thick Labour supporting #Gogglebox viewers really don’t like alternative views do they!!”

A third shared their support for the couple, asking Channel 4 to show more of them, rather than sibling duo Sophie and Pete Sandiford: “Wish they would show less of the Brother and Sister and more of Lee and Jenny and Giles and Mary #GOGGLEBOX.”

A fourth tweeted: “Love Giles and Mary….about sums up voting…..at leastvthey remember 97……most voters don’t know what is coming…..”

Meanwhile, one viewer simply expressed their wish for Gogglebox to avoid getting the cast to comment on politics altogether, writing: “Why do they always have to watch political c**p? See enough of it already without seeing it on #Gogglebox.”


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