Hydrate Your Skin With $140 Worth of First Aid Beauty for Only $63

According to one shopper, “I have used this for 10 years! I have extremely sensitive skin and this stuff I use all over! When the winter winds start blowing… this cream helps shield my skin from the biting cold. I only buy the Original since I am sensitive to smells. Run do not walk and buy this!! You will not be sorry.”

Another shopper raved, “Although I like Maran’s that I’ve been using for years, this one is THE one for winter skin. I just got the vanilla, opened it and slathered it on my hands – sooooooo nice – a gentle soft vanilla scent and my hands feel hydrated, not slippery or greasy, absorbed well into the skin fluffy cream. Thank you for this wonderful product. I’m so glad my skin will be taken care of this winter and I don’t have to search and search for a cream that works. My cuticles which have been tore up for months already – are also nice and hydrated which was also needed desperately!”

One shopper wrote, “I first purchased about 2 years ago – even though it helped with dryness -I was lax about using. My skin had gotten so dry, and my arms were getting worse and worse with purpura (severe bruising). I committed to using daily and it has made a HUGE difference in my skin. The dryness is gone – BUT SO IS THE BRUISING!! I never dreamed it would help with that — I would have used daily much sooner if I had known.”

According to another shopper, “If you are debating trying FAB Ultra Repair Cream, let me tell you…do not hesitate! This is absolutely the best product I’ve ever used on my skin! I’ve always struggled with dry, itchy skin with bouts of eczema, and I tried every product out there with little or no success, that is until I tried FAB! It’s an amazing product that I’ve now been using for years, the ONLY product that actually works for me! I love, love, love it! I like the vanilla scent the best, a very soft scent that’s not overpowering.”

Someone shared, “I absolutely love this cream. It’s highly moisturizing and you feel an instant boost in skin hydration. I’m very sensitive to scents but HAD TO try Winter Solstice. It’s incredible. Natural fragrance that doesn’t over power but provides a spa like experience. PLEASE continue to bring us this scent. This will be nighttime treat for a layer of moisture before bed, when skin repairs itself.”

Another reviewer explained, “I’ve been using FAB ultra repair cream for years and it’s my favorite skincare product I’ve ever used. I’m dry and have KP on my jawline and arms and this is the best product for both. Will continue to buy this product every time I’m low!”

“I have been using the Ultra Repair Cream for quite some time. It has an ultra-rich formula that moisturizes wonderfully. You can use it all over, not just on your face. I love the way my skin feels after applying,” wrote one shopper.

According to another shopper, “This is the only moisturizer my skin likes in the winter, and especially as the seasons change. I have a giant tub and a travel size at all times. It’s crazy that it can help my psoriasis on my legs and be gentle enough to not make my face breakout.”

Finally, one shopper wrote, “I absolutely love this lotion so much and have repurchased it multiple times. The consistency is great – super creamy and hydrating, but just keep in mind it’s a bit thick. This makes my skin so soft, and I use it on both my body and face (when I run out of moisturizer), which has not seemed to cause any issues so far. At a first glance, the lotion seems a bit pricey, but trust me, the bottle has nearly lasted me a whole year, if not even longer, and I use it every day!”

“I have sensitive rosacea prone skin that is dry and needy. This is the best product I have used. I have used it for years and any time I switch to something else, I regret it and go back to this. Will use this as long as it exists!”


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