I’m A Celebrity’s Sam Thompson labels Nigel Farage ‘a d***’ in fresh clash

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’s Sam Thompson labelled Nigel Farage a “d***” on Sunday’s instalment of the ITV show. It came as the former MP accused Sam of “doing f*** all” to help out in camp.

As the campmates were relaxing, Sam tried to get Tony Bellew to grab a leaf off of him before he moved it. Watching on, Nigel commented: “It’s like an eight-year-old. They’re always looking for mischief.”

Fred replied: “I find it very funny, very entertaining. Otherwise, it’d be boring.”

“Oh I know, but it never stops,” Nigel complained. Fred responded: “Yeah, that’s great. What matters is that he’s a nice man.”

“No, no totally,” Nigel responded before Fred admitted he’d noticed a bad habit. The chef stated: “Not very good at getting the water though. Yesterday Nick [Pickard] did it by himself.”

Nigel agreed: “He’s done f*** all.” Overhearing, Danielle Harold told Sam: “Come here, come here, Nigel was like, he’s done f*** all.”

Jumping into action, Sam asked: “Nick, shall I go and get some water?” In the Bush Telegraph, he fumed: “Nigel, what a d***, proper ratted me out.

“I want to help the camp but I’m really forgetful so I just won’t remember to do it. I feel a bit guilty.”

When he came back into camp with the water, Nigel remarked: “Well done.”

Turning to Nick, Sam requested: “I need you to tell me if I’m not doing enough.” As he offered to get more water, Nigel told the former Made In Chelsea star: “I think you’ve done it now for the day, that’s fine.”

Sam hasn’t been involved in any of the tensions that have arisen so far in camp. Nella Rose, Fred Sirieix and Nigel Farage have clashed on a couple of occasion, and Fred once again challenged Nigel about Brexit on Sunday’s episode.

As Josie Gibson added some leftover eel into the rice for breakfast, Nigel commented: “I wonder how many people at home have had eel risotto for breakfast. From an environmental perspective, the way we’re fishing some of the oceans is not very clever.”

Tony concurred: “We’re destroying the oceans,” to which Nigel added: “I spoke about it in parliament.”

“I’m sure you did,” Fred chimed as Nigel went on: “A combination of European greed…”

As the pair interrupted each other, Fred argued: “It’s not just European greed, you’ve got to stop saying that. Because it’s the world who is overfishing.

“You’ve got to stop saying European greed in all of this. This is just not right Nigel.” In the Bush Telegraph, Fred explained: “He never answers the questions. But do you know why? Because he’s talking b*****.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV.


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