ITV Dancing On Ice’s Christopher Dean hits back after he’s ‘randomly booed’ by audience

The semi-finals of ITV’s Dancing On Ice got heated tonight, as Christopher Dean paused to hit out at an audience member for booing him for seemingly no reason at all. The judge appeared perplexed as he asked the crowd: “Are they listening?” 

The odd moment occurred following Made in Chelsea star Miles Nazaire’s ambitious airborne routine. During the dance, he was hoisted in the air with wires while dancing to Michael Buble’s Feeling Good with professional partner Vanessa Bauer.

While Miles received an impressive 36.5 points out of 40, some members of the audience seemed unhappy with the score. However, fans found it bizarre when Christopher started getting booed by one member of the crowd, even though he was complimenting Miles’ routine at the time. 

The professional skater couldn’t help but react to the odd behaviour, asking the audience member if he had “even been listening” to what had been said. Dancing On Ice fans also took to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to share their puzzlement over the interaction. 

“The audience boo at 9.5 and 9.0? What do they want?” Roger asked incredulously, while Dai agreed: “@dancingonice bit of a random boo #dancingonice.” (sic) 

“The random boo?” Dylan questioned, as Elle laughed: “THE BOO IM CREASING.” (sic)

Iona complained: “I wish the audience would stop with the booing during the judges explaination. Nobody gives a s**t what the audience think…#DancingOnIce.” (sic) 

“Bet that bloke who just booed feels like a right t**t now,” another fan added with a laughing emoji. 

Miles’ routine received a positive reaction from the judges tonight, with Oti Mabuse calling his connection with Vanessa “undeniable”. However, she added that it was his postured that stopped him from earning a top score. 

Meanwhile, Ashley Banjo enthused: “I think performance was the note that you keep getting but I think you really commanded out there.”

Dancing On Ice airs today between 6:30 and 8pm on ITV and is available to watch back on ITVX. 


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