ITV The Chase’s Anne Hegerty reveals she’s been banned from doing another TV show

Anne Hegerty, popularly known as The Governess on The Chase, has spoken up about her future on the ITV gameshow. Known for displaying her impressive trivia knowledge, Anne reveals she has no intention of retiring yet, despite being part of the show since 2010.

Speaking with the Daily Star, she exclaimed: “As long as they’ll have me, really. I don’t have any plans to retire. It’s [the show] the little workhorse that makes everything else possible, and I love doing it.”

Continuing on, Anne shared, “It’s the best job I’ve ever had, so I’m happy to keep going as long as they want me for.”

Nonetheless, she spoke out about an incident when a producer scolded her for wanting to appear on a different quiz programme.

Years ago, Anne was asked to join BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind. Despite her interest in participating, ITV’s bosses disagreed with the idea, therefore preventing her from joining, reports the Daily Star.

When asked if there were other TV shows she would like to try, Anne revealed: “The trouble is I’m not allowed to do any other [shows].

“I mean I got tapped up for Celebrity Mastermind a few years ago, but the producer said ‘absolutely not, we’re not letting you do it'”.

The Governess, despite her Celebrity Mastermind dreams not coming true, did take part in ITV’s 2018 version of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!.

She shared the jungle with several familiar faces including footy manager Harry Redknapp, who was crowned champion, and Emily Atack.

Recently, Anne confessed that it’s not the Chasers who determine the cash offers on The Chase, as viewers are encouraged to think. Instead, producers make the call.

She shared with Metro: “I’m probably not supposed to tell you, so I’m telling you, it’s actually the producers.”

She added, “The message gets passed down to the floor, and that’s how we know what the offer is. We don’t actually make it up ourselves, but we have to pretend that we did! “.


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