ITV’s The Twelve viewers all say the same thing over courtroom drama

 ITV viewers all shared their thoughts on the Australian courtroom drama The Twelve. During the first episode of the 10-part series, people were introduced to Kate Lawson (played by Kate Mulvany)

With 14-year-old Claire Spears (Coco Jack Gillies) missing and presumed dead, her aunt Kate is on trial for her murder. As the show kicked off, a jury of 12 was selected. However, two extra jurors were chosen in case the trial took longer than expected. While the jurors got to know one another, it was clear the diverse group wasn’t all going to get on.

However, as the new series kicked off it seemed as though ITV viewers were left saying the same thing as many were confused. @Jennybriss commented: “Not sure I know what the hell is going on in #Thetwelve.”

@Chodbinladen_X tweeted: “Christ, this is boring.” @JillHudson21 added: “#TheTwelve is jumping all over the place!”

However, it looked as though not all viewers shared the same reaction to the show as many were enjoying the first episode. @SharonC65295902 said: “Ooh. #TheTwelve looks promising…”

With @DebbieBlackma14 adding: “Have high hopes #TheTwelve”

During the first episode, viewers learned more about Kate and the provocative artwork of her niece before her disappearance.

In the trial, prosecutor Lucy Bloom (Marta Dusseldorp) told the jurors: “She [Claire] was seduced into sexual roleplay, becoming an object of obsession in Kate Lawson’s artwork.

“Artwork which graphically depicts an adult grooming, exploiting and ultimately murdering a child that Kate had the duty to protect.”

However, Kate’s lawyer Brett (Sam Neill) quickly stopped the prosecutor from continuing as he told the judge Kate’s artwork could not be used as evidence in the murder case.

A synopsis for the upcoming episode teases there’s drama ahead as the show delves into the lives of the twelve jurors.

It reads: “The Crown calls Detective Sam Chedid to the stand and various pieces of evidence are introduced to the Court.

“The jurors share polarising opinions on the trial so far as different personalities begin to rub each other the wrong way.

“Garry is offered a dubious bribe, Alexi makes a bad decision when confronted with a horrific workplace accident, and Jarrod is unexpectedly arrested

The Twelve is available to watch on ITVX.


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