Piers Morgan savaged over Harry row as expert says Prince just wants one thing

Piers Morgan has been shut down by one expert who branded the presenter’s claim that Prince Harry wants to “bring down the monarch” as “ridiculous”. Last week, Piers branded Prince Harry as a “whiny brat” after the Duke of Sussex claimed he and his wife Meghan Markle were “forced” to leave the Royal Family during his High Court case against the Home Office over his security arrangements in the UK.

However, Bryony Gordon from the Telegraph has since hit back at Piers and claims Prince Harry doesn’t want to bring down the monarchy, but he wants to “protect future generations from what he went through”. She went on to speak about how Prince Harry really wants to spend his Christmas.

Bryony stated: “The truth behind Prince Harry’s actions is far less exciting than some people would want us to believe. The notion voiced by Piers Morgan this afternoon that Harry is sitting in Montecito plotting is as ridiculous as it is fanciful – the reality is he’s hanging out with his wife and two young kids, looking forward to spending Christmas with them.

“One would hope that this ruling might actually deliver some peace this festive season, or at the very least elicit some sort of apology. That it has instead caused more petty mud-slinging tells you all you need to know about why the Duke of Sussex felt he had to go down this route in the first place.”

Bryony’s comment comes after she recalled the moment she met the Duke of Sussex in 2017 and during that conversation, she discussed everything the royal had gone through in his life.

From losing his mother, Diana, the Princess of Wales to “spending his formative years under constant surveillance from a security detail protecting his physical life and a tabloid press grimly fascinated with his personal life”.

She went on: “Imagine what it would be like for this son, nephew or grandchild to realise that what little privacy he had was somehow being penetrated by the country’s media, leaving him suspicious and cynical of everyone around him, even his closest friends.”

Piers often speaks about Harry and his wife Meghan on his TalkTV show as well as airing his views on social media.

His latest aim at the royals came after a tweet made by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship, who had reported on Prince Harry’s court case.

In view of his 169,600 followers, Christ tweeted from the High Court: “Prince Harry says he and Meghan were ‘forced’ to leave their roles in the Royal Family and move to the USA.

“He disputes it was a ‘choice’. Harry says he wants his children to be safe when they visit the country which is ‘central to their heritage’.”

Chris added: “The Duke of Sussex’s case against the Home Office over his security arrangements in the UK has just finished. The judge, Mr Justice Lane, has reserved his decision – which means he goes away and announces it at a future date.”

In response to Chris’ tweet, Piers fired back: “Harry’s so exhausting. Just shut up you whiny brat. You’ve made your race-baiting title-fleecing royal-bashing bed – so lie in it.”

Journalist Damian Reilly then replied to Piers: “What would Harry have to do for you to forgive him, Piers? (Assuming forgiveness is even possible).” (sic)

Piers added: “My forgiveness is irrelevant. But if he wants his family – and country – to ever forgive him, he can start by issuing a public apology for calling the Royals a bunch of racists then pretending he hadn’t.”


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