Simu Liu Reveals His Parents Accidentally Took His Recreational Drugs

Luckily, no one was hurt in the fender bender and the two were able to get Simu’s neighbor to help them drive the car back up to the house.

“So, I get home many days later and the car is totaled, my shrubs are wrecked and my drugs are gone,” Simu remembered. “And I looked at my parents and I’m like, ‘OK, first of all, I am never leaving you unsupervised in my house ever.”

The high-larious incident also led Simu to partner up with MìLà, whose PR package filled with soup dumplings and noodles serendipitously made its way to the house the morning after his parents’ wild night in. Simu said his mom and dad, who were “so high and so hungry” at the time, quickly devoured everything in the box.

As he jokingly noted, “I got the ‘Asian parent approved’ stamp.”  


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