Spencer Matthews shares heartfelt update after brother’s tragic death on Mount Everest

Spencer Matthews had candidly opened up about losing his elder brother, Michael, after he went missing on Mount Everest in 1999. He explained that he’s since forgiven the expedition planners who climbed alongside his brother.

Speaking to Radio Times, Spencer admitted that he thought Michael’s death could have been “avoided”, but has since started the process of forgiveness almost 24 years later.

He said: “I’d grown up with the thought that Michael’s death could definitely have been avoided, and [the expedition planners] were responsible [although a prosecution case failed for lack of evidence of negligence].

“I grew up with this hatred towards them, and I was able to move through that. To me, that’s the first thing that sprung to my mind. I didn’t physically go and find these men and say, ’You’re forgiven,’’, but it allowed me to move through it in my mind and not carry around the hatred. I feel above it now, which is nice, 24 years later.”

Spencer recently travelled to the Himalayas in search of his brother’s body with a team of expert guides. The documentary, Finding Michael, aired last year on Disney+.

Spencer was just 10-years-old when Michael was presumed dead on Mount Everest after going missing in a snowstorm.

His body was never found, however in 2017 a climber passed a body close to Everest’s South Summit emailed a photo to the Matthews family.

The location had been close to where Michael went missing, so the body could conceivably be him.

Spencer documents his journey as he travels to Base Camp for four long weeks, searching body after body in the hope of finding Michael.

Speaking about his brother in an interview with The Times, Spencer said: “He was a down-to-earth, almost reserved character; he wasn’t an attention-seeker like me. He wouldn’t have wanted recognition but, strangely, I want people to know about him and feel the feelings I have for him.”

Spencer had previously begun his career on reality television and shot to fame on E4’s Made in Chelsea. He married Vogue Williams in 2018 and the couple share three children together.

He has recently taken part in BBC Two’s Pilgrimage and joins a group of celebrities, all with differing faiths and beliefs, tackle a modern day pilgrimage.

Finding Michael can be streamed on Disney+.

Read the full interview with Spencer in this week’s Radio Times – out now.


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