Susanna Reid’s emotional one-word response to Kate Garraway over Derek Draper doc

Susanna Reid issued a one-word response admitting she was “moved” by Kate Garraway’s new ITV documentary which pays tribute to her husband Derek Draper. Susanna said on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain: “They absolutely upheld their marriage vows.

“I feel so moved seeing Derek in that short bit of film.” In the video, ITV fans saw Kate and Derek sitting together as he had written ‘Covid changed everything’.

The Good Morning Britain star asked her husband if he meant it changed everything for him, and he agreed. Before the clip ended, Kate was heard saying: “Where’s this story going to end.”

Commenting on the snippet of the documentary, Susanna added: “There’s so much power in that little short excerpt.” She explained to GMB viewers that Kate understood the sensitivity around the documentary and the response that she might get from people.

However, Kate said it was important to hear Derek in his own words. Susanna continued: “I think that’s the first time we’ve seen how much Derek was able to express his feelings about how he wanted his story told.”

Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story will show people the personal struggles Derek had with his illness along with highlighting the challenges faced by millions of people in the UK living with serious illness and disability.

Starting from May last year, the special captures real moments of love and joy Derek and Kate shared as a family with their children.

The documentary will also showcase Derek’s life before he fell ill with coronavirus back in 2020.

It’ll explore his high-profile political career, his early relationship with Kate and how the nature of their dynamic changed following Derek’s illness.

Sadly, Derek died at the start of the year after battling long-covid for years and suffering a cardiac arrest at the end of 2023.

Speaking about the film, Kate was asked why she and Derek wanted to make the documentary.

She said: “Obviously when we started making this documentary early last year, we had no idea the events that would unfold that ultimately took Derek from us.

“In January 2024, after he had passed, I wondered if it was right that it should ever come to air.

“But I didn’t want to let those who have given us so much support over the last four years down, and the carers paid and unpaid who in their thousands of letters to me, feel Derek’s story has given them a voice.”

The 56-year-old revealed the idea of making a third documentary came from her husband as she didn’t plan to create another following the he two previous award-winning films.

She added: “One day, we were sitting together while I was caring for him and he suddenly, from nowhere, asked, ‘Are we making another documentary?

“I said, ‘Well I hadn’t really planned to. Were you thinking that you would like to?’. And he said firmly, ‘Yes’.

Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story airs Tuesday 26th March at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX and STV.


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