Taylor Swift Shares Why She’s Making a “Core Memory” at Movie Premiere

Taylor Swift‘s admiration for fans never goes out of style.

The singer gave a heartfelt speech at her Eras Tour movie premiere in Los Angeles on Oct. 11.

“This is a core memory for me,” she shared on stage. “Let me just preface by saying I’ve always had fun doing this. I can’t believe music is my career. That’s crazy to me. I’ve always loved it.”

However, as Taylor noted, “I’ve never had a fraction of the amount of fun I had on the Eras Tour before, ever.”

“I think you’ll see that you absolutely are main characters in this film, because that’s what made the tour magical,” she continued. “That’s what made it different than anything I’ve ever done in my life—is like your attention to detail, your preparation, your passion, your intensity. Like, you cared so much about these shows and that made all the difference for us.”


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