The Gentlemen’s Harry Goodwins — “I feel I belong in the gangster world”

Harry Goodwins, the promising new star of Guy Ritchie’s new Netflix hit, has admitted: “I belong in the gangster world”.

Harry Goodwins plays Jack Glass, the son of Ray Winstone’s crime boss in a drama-comedy, The Gentlemen.

He said: “I grew up in East London, I grew up around that world, so for me, I feel like I belong there.”

Asked if he’d met a real-life gangster, he replied: “I’ve been around it. It’s East London, everyone’s a gangster – even the postman.

“Obviously, I’m not a gangster, but if you grow up around there, and you box, you get into this sort of stuff. It’s East London.”

Goodwins was already a fan of Guy Ritchie gangster films.

“I think The Gentlemen is amazing not just because I’m in it — I mean that helps! — but I really think it is good. It’s drama, comedy, but all in one.

“You find yourself laughing at someone getting their head blown off but, ‘Oh wait, the shooter’s wearing a chicken suit!’

Goodwins, 31, was “scouted” on Oxford Street when he was 15 to work as a model for Models One.

Now LA-based, he has travelled the world doing photo shoots but is now concentrating on acting.

The Hackey-born actor did his own stunts, including boxing.

“Yeah, poor little Jack gets his head smashed in!

“It was very intense, for like three days, basically just boxing, 12 hours a day. It was fun. I enjoyed it.

“On the last day of filming, this guy on set told me that he was my stunt person, but he was just making tea.

‘It’s the easiest job I’ve ever done,’ he told me. ‘You were doing a better job than I would ever have done’.”

Asked if the role had changed his life, Harry replied: “Well, there’s the readies, and then experience-wise, I’ve got to work with everyone I’ve ever wanted to – Vinnie Jones and Ray Winstone – in one shot. I’ve knocked it out of the park.”


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