The Real Monty fans in tears over Ashley Cain’s heartbreaking loss as he nearly pulls out

The Real Monty viewers were moved to tears on the final instalment of the ITV show. On Tuesday night, the celebrities continued to learn their routine ahead of stripping off to raise cancer awareness.

Taking a break away from rehearsals, the 10 stars enjoyed a meal all together as they spoke about their own personal experiences with the disease. During their evening, footballer Ashley Cain touched on his daughter Azaylia.

At just a few weeks old, Azaylia was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia. Sadly, at only eight months old, she lost her battle in April 2021.

Speaking about his daughter around the dinner table, the 33-year-old was visibly emotional. He commented: “I’m f****ng angry. I’m angry every single day that I wake up in the morning.

“I’m sad, every single day that I wake up in the morning. I go through mega, extreme amounts of trauma. Cancer, cancer took something from me that’s way more important than my own life.

“I miss that little girl, with everything in my heart and my body. I’m trying to do everything I can do in my life, to try and make a difference.

“So all the parents won’t have to feel what I feel and all the kids don’t have to go through what that little hero went through.”

Ashley confessed taking part in the show has brought back times he was in the hospital with his daughter and despite being in pain himself, would try and make his daughter laugh.

The 33-year-old confessed that as his daughter had held onto his beard before she died, he was never going to cut it off as it was their bond.

The celebrities were all moved to tears after hearing Ashley speak about his daughter as it seemed reliving the pain heavily affected him the next day.

As the stars headed into rehearsals, they realised Ashley was missing from the group, with fears he’d decided not to take part.

Speaking about his absence, Ashley Banjo said: ”I’m obviously worried about Ash, but I’m not worried about anything to do with the show. I just want him to do what’s right for him.”

Agreeing, Coleen Nolan echoed: “He just needs to know that we all love him and whether he does this or whether he doesn’t we all love him.”

However, after a small break away, Ashley decided to rejoin the show and carry on with practising their routine.

It wasn’t long before fans watching were moved to tears over hearing Ashley’s heartbreaking story.

@briggs1957 tweeted: “Absolutely in tears for Ashley Cain.”

@Sweet_Angel_Amy commented: “My heart breaks for Ashley everytime he talks about Azaylia.”

@allieakalulu66 shared: “Ashley Cains story is truly heartbreaking.”

@YABOYJMC2001 added: “Me, my mum and my older brother were just watching #therealfullmonty and as soon as the stories came on we were all just in tears plus Ashley what a man [sic] your daughter would be proud of you.”

The Real Full Monty is available to watch on ITVX.


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