Travis Kelce Reacts to Taylor Swift’s NFL Moment With His Dad Ed Kelce

He’s got his mother’s eyes, his father’s ambition, and now Taylor Swift knows if that’s true. 

After Travis Kelce‘s dad Ed Kelce had his time in the spotlight talking to the Grammy winner during the Oct. 12 Kansas City Chiefs Game, he and Jason Kelce took the opportunity for some lighthearted teasing. 

“Yeah, Taylor talking to dad,” the tight end mused to his brother during the Oct. 18 episode of their New Heights podcast, “you know dad, like I know dad—”

Which Jason interrupted with, “He shouldn’t be talking to Taylor Swift.”

And Travis agreed, responded, “This is a terrifying conversation, I felt terrible for Taylor for being in this.”

And though the two laughed, Travis went on to give Ed a sweet shout-out. “We can’t keep kicking dad just because we enjoy doing it, man and our dad is the best f–king dad in the world,” Travis shared. “He is a great converser. It’s where Jason gets his storytelling, and all of his charisma. We’re saying this just because we like to rag on the big guy.”


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