GTA Online update for the week of March 28

The weekly GTA Online update for March 28, 2024, is live with double and triple reward events, discounts, and new Salvage Yard Robbery targets.

Our GTA Online weekly update guide will tell you everything happening in Los Santos this week.

GTA Online special events

GTA Online promo art for the Community Series Image: Rockstar Games

The big event this week is another focus on Community Series — and all of the Community Series events are paying out 3x GTA$ and RP. Look out for:

  • (JJ) Dune Warz 4 by OG-Simpson
  • ‘Flens’ Mafia Rugby by OldFlens
  • [CMJ] Runners VS Hellfire by Camaji
  • Hang Time II by Ghost1982w
  • Straightalator Dunes by Shfishp
  • Stunt over the Sea by MainValentino
  • Western by VoltycQc

Meanwhile, if you’ve hit reputation level 20, head to the LS Car Meet to initiate a Takeover for free.

What are the 3x GTA$ and RP events in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for Buried Stashes and Shipwrecks Image: Rockstar Games

Along with the Community Series events, check around the coastline for Shipwrecks and dig underground on Cayo Perico for Buried Stashes to earn 3x GTA$ and RP this week.

What are the 2x GTA$ and RP events in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for Sumo (Remix) Image: Rockstar Games

The Sumo (Remix) event is playing out 2x GTA$ and RP this week.

What vehicles are for sale in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for vehicles on sale at Premium Deluxe Motorsport this week Image: Rockstar Games

What’s in Premium Deluxe Motorsports Showroom this week?

Head to Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsports showroom for:

  • Gallivanter Baller LE
  • LCC Innovation
  • Benefactor XLS
  • Canis Kalahari
  • Western Zombie Bobber

What’s in the Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for vehicles for sale at Luxury Autos Showroom this week. Image: Rockstar Games

At Luxury Autos over in Rockford Hills, you can pick up the:

  • Fathom FR36
  • Albany Cavalcade XL

What’s the Lucky Wheel prize car in GTA Online this week?

At the Diamond casino, spin the wheel to win the Vapid Slamtruck.

What are the Salvage Yard Robbery targets in GTA Online this week?

If you’ve got a salvage yard set up, you’ll be looking for:

  • Albany Cavalcade XL
  • Grotti GT500
  • Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio

Which properties are discounted in GTA Online this week?

There are no discounted properties this week.

What is the Gun Van selling in GTA Online this week?

Track down the Gun Van this week to pick up:

  • Baseball bat
  • Railgun (50% off for GTA+)
  • Combat MG
  • Widowmaker
  • Battle rifle
  • Military rifle
  • Combat pistol (40% off)
  • Sniper rifle
  • Proximity mines
  • Sticky bombs
  • Molotovs
  • Armor

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