Palworld developer teases the game’s upcoming PvP mode

It’s time to call your Pals from out of the mines and into the battlefield. Palworld developer Pocketpair teased the game’s upcoming PvP mode on Wednesday. As previously announced, the new mode is called Palworld: Arena and it will allow players to assemble teams of Pals to fight other players.

Pocketpair showed the new look as part of the Triple-i Initiative showcase dedicated to highlighting the work of indie developers. The brief cinematic trailer showed two teams of Pals ready to fight in a coliseum setting. According to a tweet from the game’s official X account, the new PvP mode will hit “later this year.”

The scrappy indie studio Pocketpair released the early access version of Palworld in January 2024 and the game became an overnight sensation. The game skyrocketed to the top of the Steam charts, became the most-played third party game on Xbox Game Pass, and sold over 8 million copies in under a week.

The new PvP mode follows the development plan the creators outlined back in January. At the time, the team said it had plans to add new features to the game like raids and PvP. In March, Pocketpair announced the addition of the game’s first raid and now it appears players will get the PvP content this year as well.


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