Who to give the Jadeite Orb to in Dragon’s Dogma 2

“Hunt for the Jadeite Orb” is a quest you’ll pick up in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You’ll be able to pick up the quest the first time you visit the Checkpoint Rest Town in the west of Vermund — the city on the border with Battahl.

Our Dragon’s Dogma 2 will show you how to start “Hunt for the Jadeite Orb,” where to find the Jadeite Orb, and explain if you should give the Jadeite Orb to Everard or Offulve.

How to start ‘Hunt for the Jadeite Orb’ in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Not too far west of the Checkpoint Rest Town’s inn — and just around the corner from Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop (more on him later) — you’ll find a shady-looking character named Everard. He’ll ask you to help him find an object called the Jadeite Orb.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player speaking with Offulve in the Checkpoint Rest Town Image: Capcom via Polygon

The next time you head toward the oxcart stand in town, you’ll be approached by a beastren named Offulve. He’ll tell you he’s in trouble with (and danger from) his boss because the Jadeite Orb he’d been delivering got stolen.

Your job is to find the orb and return it to one of these two people.

Optional: Seek a bandit’s advice on the Jadeite Orb

Any of your pawns who can serve as guides in the quest will suggest talking to a criminal about where stolen goods might end up — criminals like those in Vernworth’s jail (fine, gaol).

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player speaking with a prisoner in the Vernworth jail (gaol). Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head to the gaol, and you’ll find one such criminal in the second cell on the right. For a 500 gold bribe — that will make any nearby guards attack you — he’ll tell you the place you should look is Ibrahim’s Scrap Store.

In the Checkpoint Rest Town.

Right around the corner from where you met Everard.

Where to find the Jadeite Orb in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop — the same place you can buy the Beastren Mask to get past the Battahl gate as a human — sells the Jadeite Orb for 7,500 gold.

You can also ask him to make forgeries for you. A forgery of the Jadeite Orb will cost you 2,000 gold, and while you’ll have to give the genuine Jadeite Orb to either Everard or Offulve, we’ve detailed a method below that allows you to collect rewards from both of them.

Option 1: Give the Jadeite Orb to Offulve

When he first approached you, Offulve told a (genuinely) sad story about being exploited and wanting to sell the orb so he could escape Everard. Returning the orb to him is more of a “good guy” ending.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player giving Offulve the Jadeite Orb Image: Capcom via Polygon

He’ll thank you profusely and reward you with 3,000 gold and an elite camping kit before setting off on his new life.

After that, you’ll have to return to Everard and tell him you couldn’t find the orb. He’ll say some sinister things, and then go about his way.

Option 2: Give the Jadeite Orb to Everard

While Everard is not the Thief Vocation-Maister, he’s definitely connected to a powerful underworld group. Returning the orb to him probably won’t end well for Offulve, but it does have better rewards and promises to bring more quests in the future.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player giving Everard the Jadeite Orb Image: Capcom via Polygon

If you return the orb to him, the first thing he’ll do is take it to Ibrahim to have it verified. Follow him to the Scrap Shop, and then, when he says to wait, run over to where he was standing. That will trigger the rest of the scene.

If you tried to give him a forgery (and you don’t pay off Ibrahim to lie for you), you’ll get thrown in jail (gaol). If it’s the real one, you’ll get 12,000 gold and the Ring of Skullduggery that increases your damage when attacking from behind.

Option 3: Forge the Jadeite Orb and collect both rewards

Of course, Ibrahim has a talent for creating high-quality forgeries, so for 2.000 gold, you could get him to make a copy of the Jadeite Orb. When you pick it up a day later, you’ll have an Imitation Jadeite Orb. Its description reads, “An exquisite imitation of a valuable, iridescent jewel.”

In theory, you can give the imitation orb to either party. but Everard will always bring the Orb to Ibrahim to have it appraised. If you’ve given Everard the fake, you can pay off Ibrahim after Everard steps away, but his silence has a price: 12,000 gold. That payoff would wipe out any money you’d make from returning the Orb to Everard. It’s a bit easier to give the fake Orb to Offulve, though you may hear a grumpy comment about it from your pawn. This way you’ll be able to collect both rewards.

Update (April 16): We’ve added a method that allows you to use an Imitation Jadeite Orb to collect both rewards from this quest.

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