‘B****cks!’ British tourists threaten to boycott Tenerife over angry locals

Britons have said they would be happy to boycott Tenerife following angry reception from some locals who have raged against a near-constant onslaught of tourists on their island home.

People fed up with the recent protests telling visitors to “go home” have said they will refuse to holiday in the Spanish territory due to rising tensions.

Anti-tourist groups have scrawled slogans across notable hotspots saying “tourists go home” and “my misery, your paradise”, with further protests expected this month.

The hostility towards tourists has prompted outcry in the UK, with British holidaymakers making up approximately 40 percent of the 5.8 million visitors to the territory each year.

Dozens of people have said they are willing to listen to the protesters and not return, while others have condemned the “behaviour and disrespect” exhibited by Britons abroad.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, users suggested they would be happy not to take trips to the tourist hotspot.

One user said: “Sounds like a boycott is actually needed. See how well they do without their British spending.”

Tina Styles added that, while she had never been, she would be “happy to” join others in establishing a boycott.

She said: “I’ve been to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote but not Tenerife. Both other islands were wonderful and welcoming. If Tenerife doesn’t want our custom, I’m happy to boycott it.”

Another tourist said the situation was “b****cks”, followed by one would-be tourist saying they preferred Greece as the locals were “much more welcoming and hospitable”.

Others said the boycott would likely damage Tenerife’s economy, with one saying the territory would “tumble into recession without British tourism”, and another adding their economy “would be in the gutter” without Britons.

But for each person saying they would boycott the country, there was another siding with frustrated locals and condemning the behaviour exhibited by Britons aboard.

X user Rose of the Anne said people should “have a bit of respect when visiting another country”.

She argued that Britons should ensure they are “respecting their values, just like how we keep banging on people coming here should do”.

Another added: “We go everywhere in the world and like to do as we please! I hope others join forces and make us stay in our sh**e-infested waters we so badly wanted to reclaim.”


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