‘Euro-fanatic’ Ed Davey blasted by Brexiteers over latest plot to drag UK back to EU

Brexiteers hit back at Sir Ed Davey after he pledged to set the UK “on the path back” to the EU’s single market.

The Lib Dem leader told members that his party would “restore Britain’s place at the heart of Europe, where we belong”.

But Tory MP David Jones warned that returning to the single market would be a “very bad deal”.

The deputy chairman of the European Research Group of Conservative Brexiteers highlighted how the UK has joined the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Indo-Pacific trade bloc in the biggest post-Brexit trade deal to date.

Mr Jones the Express: “It says everything you need to know about Lib Dem Euro-fanaticism that Ed Davey wants the UK to join the single market without having any say in its operation.

“Outside the EU, the UK is in control of its own trade policy and has joined the CPTPP, a trading bloc of the most dynamic and fast-growing economies in the world.

“Ed Davey would abandon that and tie the UK into a cartel of declining economies with an ever-smaller share of world trade. Most people would regard that as a very bad deal.”

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith added: “The Liberal Democrats didn’t respect the result of the referendum then and they don’t respect the result of the referendum now.

“They would gladly drag us back into the EU with all the extra costs and loss of sovereignty that goes with it.

“Labour are no different and that’s why if you believe in protecting Brexit you are better off with the Conservatives.”

Sir Ed made his pitch for closer ties with Brussels in a speech yesterday at his party’s spring conference in York.

He said: “Only Liberal Democrats have a clear plan to rebuild this relationship with a better deal for Britain.

“To renew the ties of trust and friendship, to set us on the path back to the single market – our plan to repair the damage the Conservatives have done. And, in time, to restore Britain’s place at the heart of Europe, where we belong.”

The Lib Dems have not set a timeline on when they would seek to rejoin the single martket.

Sir Ed added: “We know it won’t be easy. We know it won’t be quick. The ties that have been so badly severed can only be stitched back together gradually over time.

“This will take great care and determined effort over years. But if we are to transform Britain’s economic future, we must start today.”


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