Expert predicts Kate will be stuck with Middleton name ‘until she becomes Queen’

One royal expert has predicted that the Princess of Wales will still be referred to as ‘Kate Middleton’ until one significant moment in the future.

Many people have wondered why Kate is still referred to by her former surname ‘Middleton’ – despite having married into the Royal Family almost 13 years ago.

The then-Catherine Middleton married Prince William in 2011, with the pair set to celebrate 13 years of marriage next month.

Speaking of the Middleton name, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told “It is years out of date but it is what she is known as online.

“Whatever, she seems stuck with it – probably until she becomes Queen!”

He also added: “[Middleton is also] the name she grew up with. It was her name during the years of courtship with William. Above all, it’s the name people google.”

He also added: “Some say it is a reminder of her middle class origins and it makes her more relevant. Also English titles can confuse.”

Royal fans have often taken to social media to express their dislike at Middleton still being used to describe the royal – highlighting how many years the pair have been married.

One fan recently wrote on X: “Why do people insist on using the name Kate Middleton? She’s been married for years. Surely it’s simply Catherine, Princess of Wales? Middleton shouldn’t get a mention.”

Another wrote: “Her name isn’t Kate Middleton anymore. [It’s] Catherine, Princess of Wales.”

A third fan wrote: “I am sick and tired of hearing Catherine, Princess of Wales being referred to as Kate Middleton. She hasn’t been that name for 12 years. Show some respect and leave her and her family alone.”

Many fans also called referring to her by her maiden name as “disrespectful”.

The Princess of Wales is currently taking time away frim royal duties after undergoing planned abdominal surgery back in January.

Released at the time, a statement shared by Kensington Palace stated that the mother-of-three would not return to duty until “after Easter”.

Having not made any public appearances since December, the 42-year-old was reportedly spotted near Windsor at a farm shop with William on Saturday, March 16. According to onlookers, the royal looked “happy and healthy” as she joined her husband on the outing.


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