GREG GUTFELD: The left is great at ignoring reality and its victims

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As the number of dead mounted, the FBI undercounted. According to the Washington Examiner, the latest FBI crime report is “unreliable at best and deceptive at worst”… But they claim crime in America actually went down last year. 

Do you buy that? You shouldn’t, because it’s a lie. The only thing that went down is the Democrat who bribed the FBI to publish this b*******.

Dolton, Ill., Mayor Tiffany Henyard faces allegations of misusing public funds.

Their stats say murder dropped 13% and violent crime was down almost 6%, which the media happily parroted. But as you’ll see, it was based on exaggerated guesses. 

And in fact, they were saying, “Hey, you know all that crime you see every day? It’s not happening. That broken eye socket Diane suffered walking down 44th Street? She probably just walked into a door.”

Generic crime scene tape

Crime scene do not cross tape.

After all, why would the government under a Democratic president lie to you? Hell, they’d say they like “Fox & Friends” to keep their jobs. Meanwhile, the Coalition for Law, Order and Safety, an independent group of law enforcement folks, blamed the increase in crime on de-policing, de-carceration, de-prosecution — all ideas pushed by the D-emocrats. 

In other words, the law isn’t being enforced. Too many thugs are being released and prosecutors refuse to deal with the ones who are left. And the whole thing is run by politicians pretending everything’s fine. It’s like they work at a slaughterhouse and the stats are the soap to get the blood off their hands. 


Because in order for a crime to exist, a law has to be broken and then enforced before you can count it as a crime. If you don’t do the last two, then the first thing doesn’t exist. It’s like never getting on a scale and claiming you haven’t put on a pound in years. 

A few years ago, the feds demanded local enforcement use something called the National Incident-Based Reporting System to report crimes. The acronym is NIBRS. So just to be safe, I’ll say neighbors. Now, as we all know, the feds love to streamline every process and make it easier to understand, and I say that with my tongue planted so far in my cheek, I look like Kamala Harris on her first job interview in S.F.


Cities tried using the neighbor system, but like Biden’s Prevagen, it wasn’t working. So cops in L.A. and New York and Chicago simply didn’t submit crime data to the FBI. The feds gave up on it and are now just making s*** up. Except they call it estimation. 

They’re using inferred stats, which brings me to this rule: If you think the numbers stink, it’s because they pulled them out of their a**. Because when you have a strong incentive to downplay crime, that’s what you’ll do. And now, victims sense the hopelessness of the justice system and have stopped reporting crime. Can you blame them? 


That’s why the feds claim violent robberies dropped almost 20% between 2019 and 2022, while the government’s own victims survey reveals it actually went up 30%. So the government says, “Believe us, not the girl with the fat lip and the missing iPhone.”

So, actual crime isn’t dropping at all, it’s just that fewer crimes are being reported because it’s not a penalty if the ref didn’t call it. And guess who thinks you’re too stupid to know the difference?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Last year, the United States had one of the lowest rates of all violent crime, of all violent crimes, in more than 50 years.

He thinks you believe that. He also thinks Barack Obama is his butler. Here’s the problem with Joe’s claim: It’s not verifiable. The official FBI numbers only go back to 1985. That’s 39 years, not 50. And here’s what the FBI chart for murders looks like from their own website. 

While there was a drop from last year, it’s still the highest murder number since 1996, but it’s easier to sell a lie when the media is all ready to toe the line.

JEN PSAKI: I mean, I just debunk some of the things Trump is pushing about crime. He says crime is worse than ever when in most places in the U.S., it’s actually going down.

UNKNOWN: The truth is that violent crime skyrocketed under Donald Trump’s presidency. Crime has fallen under Joe Biden’s presidency. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Crime rates keep dropping. Crime… In fact, the rate is lower now than when Donald Trump was in office.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

MSNBC’S “Morning Joe” host compared Gov. DeSantis to former president Barack Obama on Thursday.  (Screenshot/MSNBC/MorningJoe)

Funny — Scarborough had more to say there, but they had to cut the clip short due to an armed intruder. But at least they admit crime spiked in 2020, thanks to the Dems cheering on an orgy of riots and looting. 

And sorry, under Joe Biden’s watch, the only thing falling is Joe Biden, but that’s the game: Refuse to see what’s really happening, then brag about it or brag about how blind you are. But when you’re a member of that professional crime ring called the Democratic Party, it’s all about spin. 

PETE BUTTIGIEG: We need to talk about the reality here… The simple facts and the simple reality are right here, staring us in the face, including the fact that I can safely walk my dog to the Capitol today in a way that you couldn’t do when we all got here.

That’s because you have a security detail. It’s like me saying, you know, dieting isn’t that hard as I inject Ozempic into my a**. And how does the transportation secretary not know that car thefts have hit an all-time high? Because the left is great at ignoring reality and its victims. 

Here in New York, a gangbanger who has been cuffed nine times this year on charges from grand larceny to death threats against women is free after being repeatedly released without bail. 


But when somebody complains about getting robbed, the elites just sneer and say, “What are you complaining about, you little whiner? Haven’t you seen this graph?” Because when you’re a Democrat, criminals aren’t so different from them. The only difference? We can vote these d********* out in November. 


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