Harry row with ‘heartless’ William erupts over new ‘cruel dig’ in Dutch version of Endgame

The book says while a chartered plane took Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Duchess Sophie to Scotland, the Duke of Sussex had to go on his own as he later claimed he was “not invited” on the flight.

The publication claims the recalled Dutch version of Endgame contains quotes, attributed to “sources close to the Sussexes” — which have been changed or omitted from the English version.

One section of the English book discusses the trip to Balmoral and reads: “Harry was informed that William had already secured a flight with his uncles Andrew and Edward (and Edward’s wife, Sophie), but he couldn’t get in touch with anyone about joining that flight.

“‘It was upsetting to witness,’ said a source close to the Sussexes. ‘(Harry) was completely by himself on this.'”

But the Dutch version continues: “‘It was heartless to deny him the chance to go to Scotland to say goodbye to his grandmother,’ says a source close to the Sussexes. ‘This was not the time to be petty.'”

In another excerpt from the English book, which it’s about the discussions about the day the Queen died, a “family source” is quoted as saying “William ignored him. He clearly didn’t want to see his brother.”

But in the Dutch edition, it says: “William purposely ignored him. He didn’t want to see his brother and didn’t want to help.

“He was, and is, still angry because Harry revealed private issues. He thinks that is unforgivable.”

Scobie has repeatedly denied any responsibility over the different versions and “mistranslations” of the book.


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