‘I am UK’s clumsiest husband – I accidentally bid against myself by £1k at an auction’

“Britain’s clumsiest husband” has cost his wife another £1,000 – after falling into a bidding war with HIMSELF for a painting.

Debbie Stephens, 60, said all she could do was “watch in shock” as husband Craig, 55, bid on the artwork – against himself.

Not realising how an auction worked, Craig kept standing up and shouting out increments of £50 – starting with £650.

The theatre “roared with laughter” when he realised it was “too late” and that no-one else was bidding.

Now, the pair have given the £1,000 artwork of characters from BBC’s ‘Still Game’ pride-of-place on the living room wall.

Over the years, Craig has cost Debbie an additional £5k with his antics – including melting their fridge and crashing their car while trying to switch the radio station.

Debbie, a podcaster from Portobello, Edinburgh, said: “Craig takes me to the edge sometimes – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Besides, the money went to a good cause. He has a mind of his own, sometimes he’ll listen to me, sometimes he’ll not. But he’s just strong-headed that way – and I just need to accept it.”

Debbie and Craig visited the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh to watch a stage performance of ‘Still Game’ – their favourite comedy, on September 13, 2023.

They hadn’t realised the show would kick off with local artist Rachel Jordan auctioning off her painting of the characters.

Once someone started the bidding war off at £50 – Craig took it upon himself to shout out the highest offer.

But he didn’t realise he was actually expected to buy the painting afterwards.

“The starting bid was £50,” Debbie added. “But he put his hand up for £650. I don’t think he was too sure how it worked – because he stuck his hand up again and shouted £850.

“I shouted back, ‘what are you doing? You’re bidding against yourself!’ Everyone around us just roared with laughter. In the end, it came to £1,000.”

The auctioneer sold the painting to Craig for £1,000 – and invited the couple to come backstage and meet the cast.

While Debbie says she wasn’t very happy with her husband, she was pleased the money was going to Skillz Academy, a children’s charity.

“We got to meet the cast of ‘Still Game,” Debbie added. “I wasn’t happy with Craig, but I’m glad the money was going to a good cause.

“All of this happened on September 13, as well – how unlucky!”

Craig and Debbie decided to hang the painting on the living room wall – but Debbie has to watch him with the feather duster.

She said: “I have to watch him like a hawk – it’s an oil painting, and he tried to use a can of polish on it.

“He can use the feather duster on it, if I’m supervising.”

Debbie says the couple are still going strong despite Craig’s clumsiness.

In his latest series of mishaps, Craig tripped all the lights in the house, brought a crockery cupboard down and took a wardrobe door off, just by opening it.

Debbie said: “I told him I wanted a nice, new, shiny light switch – he tried to change it himself and every light in the house went off.

“I asked him to get me a plate from the kitchen cupboard – and the whole thing came down.He also told me the wardrobe door came off in his hand – I said, you mustn’t be so heavy-handed with these things.

“I just know something’s gone wrong, as soon as he wonders off and I can hear shouting in the background. We’re 30 years married next year – it’s a long time to be with someone as clumsy as that. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Craig added: “I laugh off the title of ‘Britain’s clumsiest husband’, but I feel honoured. Even as a child I was clumsy – I fell off a cliff once, playing hide-and-seek. On the whole, I just try to be helpful to my long-suffering wife!”


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