Israel opens three humanitarian routes into Gaza is massive u-turn

Israel has agreed to open three humanitarian passages into Gaza, making it simpler for aid to reach those in need. This comes after criticism following the demise of aid staff trying to bring assistance to Palestinians.

Seven volunteers from World Central Kitchen (WCK) lost their lives on a recent Monday, including three British aide workers.

The Erez Gate in northern Gaza will be temporarily available for the first time since the conflict began. Aid deliveries will also pass through Ashdod Port, while additional help from Jordan can enter via Kerem Shalom Crossing.

It comes shortly after US President Joe Biden told Israel’s Prime Minister that the current situation in Gaza is “unacceptable” in a one-hour phone call.

President Biden cautioned Benjamin Netanyahu to minimise harm to Palestinian civilians and cease policies which cause suffering if they wish for America’s continued support in facing Hamas. He further insisted on an immediate ceasefire.

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Israel has conveyed remorse over unintentionally causing the death of seven aid workers – including a dual US-Canadian citizen – during an airstrike on a vehicle in the Gaza Strip.

Ltg Herzi Halevi, the chief of general staff of the Israel Defense Forces, said that the vehicle carrying staff from World Central Kitchen (WCK) was “misidentified” as a target at night.

The CIA has alerted Israel that Iran is likely to strike within the next 48 hours. This comes as a response after Israel eliminated two Iranian military leaders in an attack on Tehran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria earlier this week.

Iran promised to retaliate for the assault, and now international news outlets are reporting that US intelligence is apprehensive about a potential attack on Israel.


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