Migrants repeatedly attempting to reach the UK illegally could be jailed for 2 years

Migrants who repeatedly sneak into Britain could be jailed for up to two years, under new guidelines.

The Sentencing Council said illegal immigrants crossing the Channel or hiding in the back of a lorry to then vanish and “engage in criminal activity” could face up to three years behind bars.

But passengers arriving on small boats will be treated less severely than smugglers and ‘facilitators’, documents show.

Judges will be told those people should face between six and 18 months behind bars.

And migrants repeatedly attempting to reach Britain illegally could be jailed for up to two years.

Sentencing Council member, District Judge Stephen Leake, said: “The Sentencing Council is issuing draft sentencing guidelines to cover a range of immigration offences.

“The most serious of these offences involve offenders who facilitate or assist those seeking to enter this country illegally, often in circumstances that cause a real risk of death or serious injury to others.

“In some cases, illegal immigration is facilitated by organised crime groups who exploit vulnerable people in order to make a profit.

“It is important that courts have appropriate sentencing guidelines that reflect the current laws when dealing with these cases. Public consultation is an important part of the development of new sentence guidelines, and we welcome the views of anyone with an interest in these draft guidelines.”

Migrants who help organise crossings will be deemed to have had “high culpability”, as will those who have repeatedly attempted to reach the UK illegally.

Judges would be able to sentence them to between nine months and two years, the Sentencing Council said.

Smugglers organising crossings or lorries to the UK could also be jailed for up to 16 years, new guidelines state.

Judges are being told to crack down on criminals “facilitating large numbers of individuals to illegally enter or arrive in the UK”.

The highest category of “harm” also includes guidelines to punish smugglers if they “exploit, or put pressure on others” or use “dangerous” methods of transport.

Other proposed guidelines include sentences of up to eight years for possessing false identity documents “with an improper intention”.


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