Philadelphia Macy’s retail theft turns deadly, 2 security guards stabbed

One suspect is in custody after stabbing two loss prevention employees at a Macy’s in Philadelphia, with one of them dead and the other being treated for their injuries.

The workers were rushed to Jefferson Hospital as police “converged on the store,” FOX 29 Philadelphia reporter Steve Keeley, who is on scene, tweeted.

The suspect boarded a SEPTA train after the stabbing, transit police said. He was arrested at the Somerset Station by Philadelphia police, the department leading the investigation. 

The store is right across the city from city hall in center city, Keeley said. 


Crime scene tape can be seen surrounding the doors of a Philadelphia Macy’s store, which is right across the street from city hall. (FOX 29 Philadelphia / @KeeleyFox29 Twitter)

Police at the scene said the incident began about 15 minutes before they were called, when a man tried to steal some hats. Security guards at the store got into a confrontation with him, retrieved the merchandise and let him go on his way. That same man is accused of returning and attacking the guards.

“When the male comes back into store, he immediately goes straight towards one of the security guards, and then redirects his attention to a second security guard, runs directly to that security guard with a knife already exposed and begins to stab him,” a Philadelphia police commissioner said. “There’s a couple with the second security guard trying to save first guard that’s stabbed, and that security guard sustains several stab wounds, as well.”

This is a developing story. Check back here for updates.


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