Prince Harry is ‘trying to set up a mini royal court’ in the US, says royal expert

Prince Harry is trying to “emulate the Royal Family” and build his own “mini royal court in America,” says one royal insider.

Daily Express had the chance to speak exclusively with royal historian and commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo who shared his thoughts on the Sussexes and their Californian Camelot.

Harry is busy with the Invictus Games and a few charities, says the expert, but other than that, he “still doesn’t have an obvious purpose in life in America.”

From the looks of it, all Harry really knows is how to be a royal, and as a result, he’s falling back into his old ways, “trying to emulate the Royal Family” and “set up a mini royal court in America,” says Mr Heydel-Mankoo.

“Their regal rebranding, their royal-looking website, the use of princely titles for their children, their desire to support charitable causes etc: all this speaks to them trying to emulate the Royal Family.”

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“And this could well be because that puts Harry back in his comfort zone. Doing in America what he would have been doing had he remained in Britain as a working member of the Royal Family.”

On the other hand, his other half, Meghan Markle, has been quite busy the past couple of weeks, launching a new podcast, appearing at SXSW, and launching a lifestyle blog.


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