Prince Harry warned ‘the drawbridge is up with no way back’ as royal return hopes dashed

Prince Harry has been warned that there is “no way back” for him into the Royal Family, as “a line in the sand” has been drawn, according to Princess Diana’s former butler. The Duke of Sussex has been distanced from the Royal Family since he and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down from their Royal duties and relocated to the US in 2020.

Despite recent speculation about a potential reconciliation following King Charles’s shocking cancer diagnosis, Paul Burrell, who served Princess Diana for ten years until her death, insists that too much has been said and Prince William has had enough. Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Burrell stated: “There is no place for Harry in the royal fold.”

He continued: “He has made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Too much has been said. The drawbridge is up and there is no way back for Harry.”

Burrell suggested that while Harry may have believed he could step in during the family crisis, this is not seen as possible by the Royal Family or the public.

He added that any return by Harry would send the wrong message and cause confusion going forward, something the Prince of Wales would want to avoid.

He opined: “William has drawn a line in the sand and has had enough so Harry will forever be the outcast Prince of his own making.”

Burrell asserted that there is “no way back” for Harry, who he claimed believed he could “have one foot in the camp and one foot out”.

He declared: “His job as a member of the Royal Family is over.”


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