Queen Elizabeth II is the most popular royal with 8million web searches per month

Queen Elizabeth II passed away in 2022, but she is still the most written-about and searchable royal out of the family.

This year alone, there have been 916,869 online articles written about the late Queen, according to a study. The results of the study also reveal she is the topic of eight million web searches per month and 1.7 million social media hashtags per month, reports The Telegraph. If you multiply that by 12, that would be 96 million searches and 20.4 million hashtags per year.

One might wonder why the Queen is so interesting to others with people researching her at such volumes.

GetInsta, who conducted the study, says the “enduring fascination can be attributed to a combination of historical legacy, tradition and the modern-day portrayal of the royals in the media.”

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Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch in the history of Great Britain, ascending to the throne on February 16, 1952 at the age of 25.

Her father, King George VI, passed away unexpectedly when she was staying at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya. There’s the now famous note that Elizabeth II’s bodyguard, Jim Corbett, wrote in the hotel registry: “She went up the tree a princess and came down a queen.”

When Elizabeth learned her father passed away, she apologized to her hosts for having to leave early, and made her way back to England to be with her family.

Elizabeth II’s coronation was on June 2, 1953, and it was the first service to be televised. According to The Royal Family website, “27 million people in the UK (out of the 36 million population) watched the ceremony and 11 million listened on the radio.”

Circling back to the study, Gentra says of the results: “This research offers an intriguing perspective on the most influential members of the Royal family who maintain broad popularity among the public.”

“The British Royal family undeniably holds a significant level of influence and captivates the interest of people worldwide.”


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