Royal Family spark concern over missing item in Prince William and Kate’s Christmas card

Princess Kate and Prince William have released the image for their 2023 family Christmas card, however it has sparked concern among some royal fans who have noticed one missing item.

The Wales clan opted for a black and white picture of the whole family, with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis beaming alongside their parents as they all posed dressed in plain shirts.

Louis, William, Kate and George are all stood around Charlotte, who is seated on a chair in the middle, in an image snapped by Yorkshire-born photographer to the stars Josh Shinner.

However, some keen-eyed royal watchers took to social media to comment on the picture, and one surprising feature that many may have missed.

Fans noted that both Charlotte and Louis are missing their shoelaces, with one asking: “Why have Charlotte and Louis had their shoe laces taken from them?”

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Another quipped as a joke: “Unfortunate situation that members of the Royal Family can’t afford shoe laces…”, while one more added: “My father messaged our group chat to enquire as to why they’ve taken Princess Charlotte’s shoelaces.”

One more interesting detail that was pointed out on GB News was the trick of light played on Prince George’s hair, which made it appear as if he was wearing a small crown.

Presenters Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon read out some viewer emails which spotted the feature, saying: “We’ve had a couple of emails which have made some very good observations.

“Rebecca says ‘the picture’s lovely, but at first glance I thought George was wearing a small crown.’ That’s just because of the way the light is. It’s the light on his hair. But once, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”

Other viewers appeared to notice a resemblance between Princess Charlotte and the late Queen Elizabeth, as one man named Bob “noticed that Princess Charlotte has Queen Elizabeth’s jaw shape and smile”.

Ms Diamond continued: “Charlotte is 8 years old. She is sitting there with a beautiful grin on her face, but with the attitude of somebody much older.”


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