Sean Hannity: The left-wing media is full of lying, dishonesty and hysteria

Fox News host Sean Hannity said the Democrats cannot run on President Biden’s record, so they use out of context quotes to energize his shrinking base. Their latest attempt is to pounce on former President Donald Trump’s campaign rally analogy, “bloodbath,” in reference to the economic effects on the auto industry if President Biden is elected. 


SEAN HANNITY: I mean, you gotta laugh. Just, you know, full-blown lying, dishonesty, hysteria from NBC, CBS, fake news CNN, ‘MSDNC,’ The New York Times, pretty much everyone in the Democratic Party, every single “mainstream media outlet.” They’re just flat out lying to your face. Now, Trump’s full remarks are on tape. He’s clearly not calling for political violence at all. In fact, he is using, well, let’s say, a pretty normal analogy. So matter of fact, this phrase pay attention, Liberal Joe, is very common on the left. 

They take the words of Donald Trump completely out of context. They pretend that we are facing an existential crisis, and this is what they do every day. The top donors to the Biden campaign this year, like in 2020, like Hillary Clinton in 2016, will be the mob in the media.


Joe has already jumped the shark, compared Trump to the KKK, is accusing Trump of ending American democracy. He’s  lying about abortion. We now know they lied a lot about January 6th and kept a lot of information that was exculpatory from you, the American people. And he’s lied about the economy. Are you better off? Joe Biden is fomenting panic, hysteria, he’s promoting a fake existential crisis. He’s trying to prop up his shrinking base in the mob and the media. They just are an extension of the Biden campaign.


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