Terrifying CCTV shows moment driver narrowly escapes horror crash by split second

Police have released footage showing a string of heart-stopping near-misses on the roads as part of a clampdown on dangerous driving.

Shocking dash-cam video shows reckless drivers narrowly avoiding carnage on the streets of Staffordshire.

One BMW driver can be seen escaping a head-on crash by a split second after it swerved onto the wrong side of the road. An idiotic van driver is also captured in the dramatic video almost causing a smash by driving the wrong-way around a roundabout.

A cyclist is also caught on camera nearly being wiped out by a close passing truck while one impatient Ford pick-up driver mounts a pavement to avoid traffic.

Others were captured going through red lights – one as a woman was about to cross at a pedestrian crossing and another at a set of roadworks.

Staffordshire Police shared the footage on social media as part of an ongoing campaign following 45 deaths on their roads within the last 12 months.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, the force said: “As part of our Look Again campaign we’re sharing a few eye-opening clips of poor and reckless driving behaviours to highlight the potential dangers out there.”

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson added: “Over the last year we have seen a high number of fatalities on roads across the county with 45 people sadly losing their lives.

“Every road death is a tragedy and something we want to avoid.

“Through our new road safety campaign, Look Again, we want to reinforce that as drivers we all have the ability to make our roads safer by taking simple actions.

“Whether it’s taking a second look for other road users before pulling out at junction, adjusting your speed when driving in a busy town centre, or taking a moment to sense check a manoeuvre before you do it, these actions could save your life and those of other road users.”


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