19p fruit trick foxes ‘strongly dislike’ to keep them out of your garden for good

Britons should get used to foxes being in their gardens as much as possible, but if they do become a real nuisance, an expert has shared how to safely “deter” them.

Sam Jenkinson, garden building expert at Tiger, said: “Foxes have an incredible sense of smell, meaning odour repellents are a great way to deter them.

“Foxes are known to dislike the smell of chilli and garlic, so one way to keep them away is to create a natural fox repellent by infusing them in boiling water and spraying the solution around the garden.

“Foxes are also known to strongly dislike the scent of coffee or citrus fruits, so leaving leftover coffee grounds or citrus peel around the garden is another good trick.”

Fruits such as lemons can be purchased individually for as little as 19p meaning they are an affordable method to deter animals.

The garden expert also recommended removing any potential food sources as this is one of the most common reasons why foxes enter gardens in the first place.

This includes securing bins with a sturdy lid, or even using a lockable bin to keep them secure and avoiding putting rubbish out in plastic bags.

The pro added: “Bird feeders must also be elevated at least five feet off the ground, and away from shrubs or trees so they are out of reach for foxes.

“If you grow your fruit and vegetables, make sure crops are well protected with fruit cages and promptly clear away any fallen fruit or seed spillages and if you have pets, feed them indoors and regularly clean up any mess left behind by them.

“Foxes are excellent climbers and can squeeze through small gaps, so check your garden for any potential access points such as cracks in walls or fences and block them up with mesh netting or other materials.

“If you know that foxes have been accessing your garden, monitor them for a few days to see where they are getting in to help identify which areas need to be sealed off as foxes can also jump very high.”

Britons should also check garages and sheds for any fox activity as they can often slip into these areas when the doors are open.

What’s more, underneath porches and decks also provide ideal shelter for foxes, especially when they have babies.

The experts at Paving Shoppers said: “During the fox mating season, it’s important to be vigilant and consider the potential long-term impacts of their presence on your property.

“By checking unusual places, understanding the potential for long-term damage, and taking proactive steps to mitigate risks, homeowners can effectively manage their coexistence with these intriguing animals.

“Remember, the goal is to deter and not harm, maintaining a balance between protecting your property and respecting wildlife.”


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