Home cook shares ‘genius’ hack for making breakfast eggs in the oven

Anyone can whip up a “breakfast ready to go” any day of the week with this easy oven-baked eggs recipe.

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, but they’re not always the quickest ingredient to cook.

While recipes like overnight oats are easy to prepare ahead of time, eggs – whether fried, scrambled or boiled, are less convenient on a busy morning.

However, a savvy home chef has shared her brilliant batch-cooking trick that changes the game.

Deanne Frieders, founder of the blog This Farm Girl Cooks, said: “If you like breakfast ready to go, you’re gonna love my oven-baked eggs recipe! Make a batch and store in the fridge for up to five days.”

All that’s needed is 12 eggs, a non-stick cooking spray and some salt and pepper to taste. For cooking, a very shallow 12-hole cake tin is also essential.

The cooking enthusiast warned against using a muffin tin for this dish as they make the eggs too thick and bulky for sandwich-friendly sizes.

Instead, opt for what Deanne refers to as a “whoopie pie pan” to achieve perfect results.

Creating these oven-baked eggs is a breeze with just a few steps, starting with preheating your oven to 175C.

Next, spritz the pan with non-stick cooking spray and gently crack each egg into a separate bowl before easing them into their designated wells.

It’s important to keep the yolks intact for aesthetic reasons until they’re nestled in the tin.

Once there, Deanne advises a slight puncture through the yolk to spread it slightly. She noted: “This allows more even cooking of the entire egg without overcooking.”

Before transferring the eggs into the oven, don’t forget to season them well with salt and pepper to enhance the taste.

Bake for approximately 10-13 minutes or until they’re just set, which Deanne advised is when both the yolk and white are firm and not runny.

When cooked, gently trace around the eggs with a knife to free them from the tin. They’re now ready to be devoured, perfect with breakfast sandwiches, muffins, or simply top a slice of toast.

While they’re a great option fresh from the oven, these make-ahead eggs will stay fresh in a covered container in the fridge for four to five days or may be frozen for a later date.

Batch-cooking these eggs during the week will save you precious minutes during your morning routine.


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