Homemade wrinkle release spray ‘magically smoothes out creases’ – never need an iron again

One of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles without an iron is to prevent them from happening in the first place, but sometimes this can’t be helped.

Creases can become a problem when clothes have been stored for a while or if they have been put into storage wrong after doing laundry.

Perhaps they’ve been folded under other items in a draw or stashed away for the season.

Luckily, there is an effective way to get that just-pressed look without hauling out the ironing board and iron to get the job done.

Taking to her TikTok page @alifebetterorganised, professional organiser and cleaning hack enthusiast has shared how to remove wrinkles from clothes with a homemade spray.

Debbie captioned the video: “Get ready to save this because you’ll never need to iron out wrinkles again.”

While crease release sprays can be purchased from a range of supermarkets, it’s cheaper to make your own – plus, it’s easy.

The organising pro shared the “homemade wrinkle spray” ingredient list which consists of one cup of water, half a tablespoon of white vinegar and half a teaspoon of hair conditioner – this one is the “magic ingredient”.

Explaining how it works, Debbie said: “The conditioner relaxes the fibres in the garment, allowing wrinkles to magically smooth out and disappear.”

The first step is to combine all of the ingredients listed above in a spray bottle and give it a shake. It’s important to shake the solution as the conditioner tends to separate.

Next, hang up the garment spray and dampen it with a light mist all over.

After, simply tug at the fabric and smooth out wrinkles. Let the garment air dry and once dried, the creases should be gone.

Debbie demonstrated how to use the spray she misted it all over a heavily creased top.

After letting it dry, there were no creases left on the tip and it didn’t leave behind any stains.


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