Toilets never get plagued with limescale if cleaner’s one ‘great product’ if used daily

Limescale takes over many areas of the home, from kettles and washing machines, to shower screens and of course toilets.

Limescale is a devilish little thing that lurks in the water, particularly for those living in hard water areas.

It loves to grip onto our lovely white toilet bowl, which in time, leads to an unseemly discolouration of the porcelain. 

To remove and prevent limescale in toilets, Jen Needham, also known as the Cleaning Fairy Godmother has shared her best advice.

Despite many cleaners loving a combination of white vinegar and baking soda to tackle the task, Jen claims that the best way to remove limescale is to use a pumice stone.

She said: “Remove the water from the bottom of the toilet by pushing it out with a toilet brush.

“Then, gently go over the marks with a pumice stone and it will get through them perfectly.”

Due to the unique porous structure of a pumice stone, it makes it great for removing toilet limescale. This nifty item can be picked up from eBay for just £2.40.

Once the limescale is removed, the cleaning pro recommended a product to use daily to prevent it from coming back – and that’s Harpic Power Plus Black.

She said: “A great product to use daily once you’ve tackled the limescale is black Harpic toilet gel. Using it daily will help to control the build-up.”

According to the Harpic website, this toilet cleaning is “10 times better than bleach” at removing limescale and gets to work “fast”.

Cleaning fans are also obsessed with this toilet cleaner. One professional cleaner took to Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page to share her “fantastic” before and after results when using this product.

Kelly Thompson said: “Had a job with this unused toilet. Had been out of action for years and the limescale buildup was terrible. I squirted the Harpic and left it for half an hour to get rid of the stubborn limescale.

“I’m so happy with the product. I now use it myself to prevent limescale from coming back.”

Harpic Power Plus Black can be picked up from all local supermarkets and retail for around £1.50.


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